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Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

This is another innovation that has been changing the construction industry.  While our staff likes the collaborative approach and early trade design input of IPD, we have found true IPD to be very difficult to contract and implement.  For this reason, VDW Service's staff recommends using existing contracting methodologies like Construction Manager at Risk (or whatever our client's contracting agency calls this) or General Contractor with Design Phase Services, while integrating the IPD collaboration attitude.   We like to call it "CM at Risk with Attitude".  Our staff will work with your contracting personnel to determine your best methodology and then will facilitate the collaboration process from contract writing through project close out.  On a recent $11 million new chiller plant construction for a state agency, our staff helped write the necessary language in both the A/E and Contractor RFP's, facilitated design meetings that brought all parties together to resolve issues early in the design, and then worked with all parties throughout the construction process to ensure the team stayed focused on project success.  At the beginning of the project the team members doubted the advantages of this process without the profit sharing aspect of IPD.  However, as the project progressed, all team members quickly realized the significant savings of design coordination, trade coordination, owner coordation, reduced RFI's, early issue resolution, and ultimately the value of working on a project that was problem solving instead of fire fighting and blame pointing.  The project stayed on time and on budget, but the biggest success in our mind was that all parties, from the owner to the trades, said that it was a fun project to work on.  We like to say that our collaborative approach can give you project savings instead of ulcers.