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Building Modeling

VDW Services' staff has worked with owners to convert their old pencil drawings to CAD or REVIT and their CAD drawings to REVIT.  The ability to insert the older drawings into CAD or REVIT allows for fairly cost effective conversion depending on the level of detail and accuracy desired.  We can also do on-site verifications to improve the accuracy of your drawings, including some of the valving documentation required by Joint Commission (JCAHO).  Because the level of detail desired affects the level of effort required to do the work, it is difficult to provide a square foot cost, but we are more than happy to meet with you and come of with a cost proposal that covers the scope of what you would like done.  We are willing to do this work as a independent firm or as a sub consultant to your designer or contractor.  We can also do "not to exceed" contracts to allow you to use us as needed.  We can also keep costs down if we can perform this service over winter break or summer when we can hire college interns to assist with the work.


Building Rendering

VDW Services' staff can rendering your needs into a 3-D drawing that can help you see what the final product will look like and to help you decide what changes you want made prior to the start of construction.  Our life-like renderings will help make sure you get exactly what you are expecting at the end of the project.