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Building Information Modeling/Management (BIM)

BIM has revolutionized both the construction process and the project turnover process.  It can reduced many fabrication costs by over 40%, reduce RFI's and rework by over 70%, and reduce project turnover time by over 80%.  Unfortunately many owners, developer, and contractors do not have the knowledge of this concept to fully leverage the technology on their projects.  Many owners will simply say they want "BIM" and as a result will spend a lot of money to get a product that is oversized, unusable by their asset software, and not capable of being maintained.  VDW Services' staff has worked with clients on major projects to tailor a BIM plan to their needs, created owner data charts to inform designers and contractors in their BIM modeling, and worked with designers and contractors to ensure their models resulted in usable data for the owners.  On the most recent $14 million mechanical plant project, our work to coordinate efforts between the owner, designer and contractor resulted in a 40% reduction in pipe fabrication costs, no reworked structural steel, less than 100 RFI's (all of which were resolved prior to material fabrication), and the reduction of a two week equipment data turnover process to a 2 hour turnover process.  We estimate that we saved the owner almost $2 million through this process.  Contact us at 434-973-0785 or click here and we will come to you, listen to your needs, and provide a proposal to work towards these successes on your project.  We are willing to work directly for you, as a subconsultant to your designer, or as a subconsultant to your construction contractor.  If your designer and contractor do not have modeling capabilities, we have a design firm who our staff has successfully worked with on several other projects to build and maintain project models.