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Asset Management

Many owner's are not efficiently managing their building assets.  Technicians are wasting valuable time looking up asset information needed to service a unit, important preventative maintenance isn't being done, and assets aren't being tracked or funded for replacement.  VDW Services can come in and look at your current assets and processes and propose a solution that can improve your management.  Each owner's need is different, so we tailor our solutions around your current situation and your specific asset management goals.  These solutions not only address data storage, but also how you and your maintenance staff will interface with the asset data.  We have done everything from adding tracking tags to equipment to a fully integrated system where your maintenance staff can pull up operation and maintenance data on a smart device while standing at the unit.  With the right software they can even record a preventative maintenance action while still in the field.  Contact us and we will find a solution that fits your needs.